1040 for Peace is a good way to remind us that this is not a “free” country. Or perhaps better put, we do not get a say in how our money is spent.
— Stanley Hauerwas

I’m very excited to be part of 1040 for Peace.   Glad to be plotting goodness and stirring up holy mischief with you.
— Shane Claiborne, Philadelphia, PA

I am convinced that what you might call “the mind of violence” seeks to engulf us all.  Each person, for the sake of their own spiritual and mental survival, has to find a way of bearing witness to the goodness of life and of turning away from the seductions of lethal force.  The United States is investing nearly a TRILLION dollars a year in making death happen.  This cannot bring us new life.  I honor the 1040 For Peace community for reviving a time-honored tradition of refusing to participate in something that is profoundly wrong.  Even a small step is a giant step forward.
— Dennis Rivers, San Anselmo, CA

Jesus invites us to disturb the peace that is no peace with the nonviolent power of God’s love. In a society where mass violence is executed anonymously by a Defense Department that uses nearly half the nation’s budget, it’s time for those of us who oppose war to interrupt the death system at its funding source. 1040 for Peace is a good way to start.
–Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove www.jonathanwilsonhartgrove.com

“1040 for Peace is potentially a significant new effort to oppose our country’s colossal military budget. It merits careful, prayerful consideration.”
— Ron Sider, Philadelphia, PA

I personally have resisted war taxes by keeping my income under taxable level.   Thank you Christian Peacemaker Teams, Mennonite Central Committee and churches who are willing to pay part-time for full engagement, for making this possible!  I love the idea of thousands joining in symbolic resistance through the 1040 Campaign.  Especially as it gives us an excuse to talk about our convictions as we live them out. Symbolic action done in community and in prayer is a real force for change.  It changes us.  It can change the spiritual structures that hold evil in place
— Rev. Carol Rose, Co-Director, Christian Peacemaker Teams