H.A. Penner discusses the Penny Poll

H.A. Penner discusses the Penny Poll, and the never-ending work to change our perspective on how to achieve peace in our world, on WITF, the local PBS station in Harrisburg PA on February 15. 2024.

H.A. Penner discusses the Penny Poll on WITF

H.A. Penner discusses the Penny Poll on WITF

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From the description on WITF:

Harold, known as H.A., is more than just a name; he represents a symbol of hope amid global turmoil. As a pivotal figure within 1040 for Peace, a prominent organization committed to fostering peace in a world plagued by conflict, Harold stands as a beacon of change. The organization’s mission goes beyond mere rhetoric, actively involving communities in their pursuit of peace through initiatives like public penny polls. Through thought-provoking articles and journals, they articulate their vision for a more humane approach to conflict resolution.

Harold and his team tirelessly advocate for peacekeeping strategies that prioritize human welfare over hostility. Their efforts aim to challenge societal norms and redefine collective values toward a more peaceful coexistence. In a world often overshadowed by violence and discord, Harold’s leadership underscores the importance of conscious activism and grassroots engagement in building a better future. As he continues to champion the cause of peace, Harold embodies the spirit of resilience and optimism, inspiring others to join the movement towards a more harmonious world.

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