Off to Washington

The Merchants of Death War Crimes Tribunal will serve subpoenas on the corporate offices and directors of weapons manufacturers Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Atomics tomorrow, November 10, in Washington, D. C.  I’m going to support this action on behalf of the global victims of American militarism.

I go to support family and future.  My family and yours face a future either catastrophically troubled or no future at all, if the corporate profiteers of America’s imperial wars continue business as usual.  I go to support also the global human family, of which the good old USA is a part, like it or not  We will learn to live together as a family, big and happy at least some of the time, or we’ll die together, big and very unhappy for all time. 

I go to support truth and love.  I’ll try to make a faithful witness to the truth as I see it (is there any other way for you or I to see any truth?)  We will speak the truth of the voiceless to those who try to control all voices.

We’ll speak the truth in love, love so real it will tell those corporate brothers and sisters where they are wrong.  We will speak the truth of the powerless to those who imagine they are very powerful.  We will take the power of truth and love to the power of violence and destruction.  No one ever got PTSD or suffered moral injury by doing an act of kindness.

I go to support democracy and peace.  Democracy thrives on a free market of ideas.  Americans voted yesterday  Today they begin two years of conversation and debate, before the next big vote,  in their search for a future for humanity.  If the military corporate profiteers are as honorable as they would like us to believe, they will welcome this opportunity to state their case before this global tribunal.   If they decline the subpoenas and invitations, they will say something else about themselves.

We will give peace a chance by giving war a good interrogation. When all is said and done, more has been said than done to bring the peace which everyone says they want to the only world we all have to live in.   We will challenge the failed assumption that peace is the fruit of war.   We will join the universal struggle to make peace the way to peace.

John K. Stoner 11/09/22