Beyond the Two State Solution


Jonathan Kuttab discusses his book “Beyond the Two-State Solution” as an option for resolving the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

DECEMBER 9, 2021, 7:00 PM

The current Palestinian-Israeli situation is untenable and needs fresh solutions. We present this program as part of the conversation about possible ways to go forward in this complex issue.

Explaining the situation’s complexity, he will show direction toward security, justice and longed-for peace.

You will receive information about how to join in person, via Zoom, or view on Facebook Live closer to the event.

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About Jonathan Kuttab:

JONATHAN KUTTAB is a co-founder of the Palestinian human rights group Al-Haq and co-founder of Nonviolence International. A well-known international human rights attorney, he practices law in the US, Palestine and Israel.

Jonathan serves on the Board of Bethlehem Bible College and is President of the Board of Holy Land Trust. He is co-founder and board member of the Just Peace Advocates. He was the head of the Legal Committee negotiating the Cairo Agreement of 1994 between Israel and the PLO.