Penny Poll at Lancaster Peace Fest

At this year’s Lancaster Peace Fest, 1040 for Peace representatives gave ten pennies to each of the 78 persons who stopped by our table and asked them to distribute the pennies into ten containers according to the federal budget priorities they would support.  They “voted” as follows:


Education                                            19.3%

Environment/Green Energy            17.9%

Health                                                  17.8%

Housing/Urban Development         10.7%

Diplomacy                                             9.2%

Veterans                                                8.4%

Mass Transit/Roads                             7.2%

Agriculture                                         6.5%

Military/Homeland Security              1.7%

Other                                                     1.3%

TOTAL                                            100.0%


Because it is not organized according to the Penny Poll categories, the actual federal funds budget, comprised of discretionary spending that Congress appropriates, doesn’t exactly compare.  Some areas such as education receive far more funding through local taxes than through the federal funds budget which does not include dedicated funds such as Social Security and Medicare.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting comparisons: