Self-Care—The Magician’s Craft 5/24/20

While the left hand of the magician is over here, his right hand is doing something else over there.

Do you give your informed consent to a new cold war and a new round of nuclear roulette in which we could all lose but no one could ever win?

If you do, that’s a world you want but most of us don’t.  

While we’re watching real and fake machinations around COVID-19,  the magicians (power-hungry oligarchs and billionaires, militarists, heads of corporations and states) are envisioning new ways to control the world’s population.  

A little woman with a prophetic bent has asked us a few questions about this, and I share them with you today.  Caitlin Johnstone does not write for the New York Times, but she writes, and she never helped take us into the Iraq war or justify endless wars after 9/11.

You will have a healthier heart, mind and soul if you put courageous and persistent creativity and energy into resisting the propaganda of imperial powers in our troubled world.  You will meet the resurrected Jesus while doing that. 
John K. Stoner  5/24/20