Soul Care—Cornel West on U.S. Racism History

One week ago an African American man named George Floyd was murdered by police in Minneapolis while bystanders objected and recorded it all by video.  Now more than ever U.S. Americans need to hear the voices of Black people, to try to come closer to understanding what is happening in the wake of that atrocity.  

We do not have the voice of Martin Luther King today, but his message lives on in prophets like Cornel West.  I encourage you to watch West’s comments here, 7 min.  This is related to the question of American “exceptionalism” which we have been considering.

Today I encourage you also to watch the Youtube interview of Anand Giridharadas discussing his book THE TRUE AMERICAN: MURDER AND MERCY IN TEXAS,  recommended in an email response by John Martin a few days ago

As we know more truth, we will become more free. 
John K. Stoner