Soul Care—Defund the Police and Refund Education 6/9/20

The (White) American notion of finding safety and security from police mirrors its obsession with finding national security from bombs and guns, and now even a new branch of “armed services” (aka homicidal force) called “Space Force.”  That would be hard to beat for a lunatic use of America’s wealth.  

To one like myself who has advocated defunding the military and war tax resistance for decades, “defund the police” with their homicidal history and proclivities sounds like human development.

But we need an equal parallel emphasis on the alternatives, and the emerging call to “fund our communities” will build true security.  Another focus might well be “refund education.”

Turning these hashtags into political action and national policy is now the agenda. 
John K. Stoner  6/9/2

One thought on “Soul Care—Defund the Police and Refund Education 6/9/20

  1. Rick Stamm

    Maybe this voice is beginning to be heard. Keep it going, John. A few bright spots like Camden NJ and even real discussions for change here in Lancaster might be the result.

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