Soul Care — Freedom to Question

Every day during this COVID-19 time I ask myself:  Am I, are we, maintaining our freedom and our duty to question everything?  To keep asking questions, however hard or unpopular?

I start with this question:  Is a thing true just because everybody, or seemingly everybody, believes it?  There, I’ve asked it as a “yes” or “no” question, and I should question whether that is a good or necessary way to ask it.  

So I will begin by granting that the best answer is not a categorical “yes” or “no.”  But I will maintain that a “no” answer is better than a “yes” answer as a starting point for the discussion. 

A thing is not true just because seemingly everybody believes it.  In our culture/nation, virtually everybody thinks that war is a necessary function of the state/government.  That is the consensus, and I don’t grant for a minute that it is right.  That is not a trivial case for my point that a thing is not true just because  everybody believes it.  Add to this some other cases: predatory capitalism, white supremacy, women’s suffrage.   

So where do I go from there?  Well, if the majority can be wrong on a few big ones like that, on what other big ones might they be wrong?
John K. Stoner  7/23/20