Soul Care–Not Back to Normal 4/28/20

On April 23 we considered ‘Wisdom essential for survival’  That reflection made a strong claim: that humanity must move from a notion of survival by dominating, homicidal power to the embrace of survival by empathy and cooperation with humanity and earth’s fragile ecosystem.  Can we do that?
There is a lot of talk these days about getting “back to normal,” or finding “the new normal.”  But let’s be clear that “getting back to normal” will not give us a livable future.  What we have come to accept as “normal” was, and is, killing our world.  That is the point of Arno Gruen’s book THE INSANITY OF NORMALITY: TOWARD UNDERSTANDING HUMAN DESTRUCTIVESS
So will the current global agony issue in a turning (first of all for the U.S.A.)  from obsession with war, military power and global domination?  Of all the things we are thinking, obsessing, and praying about these days, this would be a good one for some of our time.  It is extraordinarily hard to be hopeful about our future if we go back to the normal war program and global dominance aspirations.  
Envision a better world, and resist war taxes or give us your ideas of something better, to make it happen.